Children’s Trust

Our Life Plan™ provides more benefits and a higher level of protection for your children upon inheriting your estate.

A typical revocable living trust allows your children or other beneficiaries to avoid probate and unnecessary taxes upon inheriting your estate. It usually expires after the assets are distributed. Though this type of trust has its place, we recommend clients opt for our Life Plan™ approach.

With a Life Plan™, instead of distributing assets directly into your children’s names, they are held in a trust that is created by your trust. It’s like a trust within a trust.

Your children or other beneficiaries can withdraw funds from the trust, but they don’t own the trust. This protects them and the funds from creditors or other liabilities like a future divorce.

One of the benefits of creating this type of “trust within a trust” is that you can design it to fit your wishes and control all aspects of distributing the inheritance.

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