Getting Started

The Preston Estate Planning Life Plan™ reaches far beyond the scope of a traditional estate plan.

The Life Plan™ is a comprehensive estate planning solution that not only helps distribute your assets after your death, but also safeguards your estate while you are living.

Follow these 6 steps to get started:

  1. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your estate plan. (800) 698-6918;
  2. We will send you a brief questionnaire for you to complete and have available at the consultation;
  3. Also your current Estate Planning documents (Trust, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Health Care Directive, etc.) will need to be available during the consultation;
  4. During the consultation, an attorney will prepare a brief 14-Point analysis of your existing estate planning documents. This analysis will identify any potential areas of concern;
  5. The attorney will then walk you through this analysis and explain the potential consequences associated with any area of concern that was identified;
  6. Finally, your attorney will purpose a solution to each area of concern he finds and you decide which areas you would like to address. The attorney will then explain the fee associated with the choices you have made.

Contact us for a free consultation and 14-point analysis of your plan.
(800) 698-6918

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